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I am writing my personal review based on the request of SuDCA Management. I worked with SuDCA on two projects; i.e. DA Monitoring in Borena Zone of Oromia and Capacity Building in Irrigated agricultural production and scheme management in Gode zone of Somali region. During both assignments I was a team leader for the assignments. Every time I work with SuDCA I am impressed by their seamless coordination and commitment for quality and customer satisfaction. I would like to raise an example that shows how an ethical service provider should operate. For the Gode project, the client JICA was expecting the capacity building to be provided to two village clusters close to Gode but later on the office of Agriculture requested them to work in far off villages which definitely entail additional cost to SuDCA. Another case was the training for the regional Bureau of Agriculture and Gode Office of Agriculture was planned to be held together at Gode. However, the Bureau staff could not attend the training due to an urgent issue at the bureau level but again SuDCA was flexible enough to accommodate both requests even though in the short term it means additional cost which is not in line with the ToR. But at SuDCA uncompromised quality and full satisfaction of the client are the most important outputs of their services so they again showed unwavering belief in their values.

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