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Exact office and Addresses of TNT Ethiopia
I have a document sent from South Africa. It was supposed to be delivered to Me on August 2017. It's tracking number ********. Kindly request you to let us know the status.

Dr Deribe Gemiyo Talore (DG Talore)
We have items sent from Germany. It was supposed to be delivered to Farm Africa on 18 January 2017. It's code is TNT Express-GE********DE/********. Kindly request to let us know the status.
I've an equipment, which shall be sent to and repaired in Spain and I do have also an item to be received from Germany. Can I pay it locally in Birr? How much would it approximately cost per kg? pls respond asap. Thank you in advance. 0911 ********
My Ethiopian friend would like to send some flash drive device - sd card perhaps - to the Netherlands. It needs to be send within a reasonable timeframe (two weeks max). What is the best way for him to send it? Im hoping you could respond fast. Thanks in advanced.

Derk Harmanny

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