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Worst hospital ever. I couldn't even give 0.5 rating.
The hospital i can say all the doctors work part time and it is really heard to get information. The reception dont give full information on what u are asking. And apart from that i guess they love making ppl come back again and again just because they have a very very poor information giver. Since the doctors work part time they dont even no which doctor came in and which dont very funny
Worst place ever
ለጉዞ የሚሆን የኮቪድ ምርመራ አድርጌ ዉጤቱን በፅሁፍ ብጠይቅ አንሰጥም ተባልኩ በዕዉቀቱ በተባለ ከዕውቀት ነፃ በሆነ የሆስፒታሉ ሰራተኛ። People please save your time and money by avoiding going to this Hospital. The workers are very unprofessional and mannerless.
Covid 19 test result
The worst experience I have at betezata hospital I had covid test done the nect day I went to pick up my result I found like 7 people waiting for result the told us today result is all positive including me and we all told the person who was there how come all of us positive and no one has any of symptoms the told us to check Meregha office and it was close at that time and my flight was the next day and I went to Washington hospital in Addis and did my covid test the result was the next day it was Negative thanks god Washington hospital Forget about Betezata hospital the Ethiopian Government needs to investigate