About the product
Hospice care
Medication administration (Intravenous medications, Subcutaneous medication, Oral medications, Ointments application and assistance with eye, ear & oral drop medication)
Wound cleaning and dressing (Clean or sterile dressing)
Physical therapy (Home or in an institution (With partners))
Catheterization (Catheter Insertion, catheter care, irrigation, changing bags and removal)
Assisting with artificial feeding (Nasogastric tube feeding) (Nasogastric tube (NGT)Insertion, irrigation and removal)
Tracheostomy care (Cleaning and suctioning)
Pleural and peritoneal fluid tap (for analysis and therapeutic purpose)
Ileostomy and colostomy care (Cleaning and changing bags)
Bowel evacuation (Enema administration)
Physician visit
Appointments (Arranging quick appointments with specialists)
Dental care (with partners)
Death care (corpse care, with partners we provide coffin and transportation service)
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