Ethiopia Green Coffee Beans

About the product
AMG Coffee Export proudly offers a diverse range of Ethiopian coffee products, sourced from the heartland of coffee cultivation. Our selection includes an array of specialty and commercial coffee varieties, each meticulously chosen to showcase the unique flavors and profiles that Ethiopian coffee is celebrated for.

Yirgacheffe: Renowned for its floral aroma and bright acidity, Yirgacheffe coffee boasts a distinctively vibrant and fruity flavor profile. Our Grade 1 and Grade 2 Yirgacheffe beans exemplify the finest quality and craftsmanship.

Sidamo: Hailing from the Sidamo region, this coffee is characterized by its smooth body, citrusy acidity, and wine-like undertones. We offer Grade 1 and Grade 2 Sidamo beans, delivering a rich and nuanced coffee experience.

Limu: With its medium body and balanced acidity, Limu coffee offers a harmonious blend of sweetness and brightness. Our Grade 2 Limu beans are prized for their clean and crisp flavor profile.

Guji: Grown in the fertile soils of the Guji zone, this coffee captivates with its complex flavor profile, featuring notes of berry, chocolate, and spice. Our Grade 1 and Grade 2 Guji beans embody the essence of Ethiopian coffee craftsmanship.

Djimma: Djimma coffee is known for its bold and earthy flavor profile, with hints of spice and chocolate. Our Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 Djimma beans offer a robust and satisfying coffee experience.

Nekemte: Nekemte coffee is prized for its full-bodied texture and rich, chocolaty flavor profile. Our Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 Nekemte beans deliver a decadent and indulgent coffee experience.

Harrar: Originating from the Harrar region, this coffee is renowned for its intense and fruity flavor profile, with notes of blueberry and wine. Our Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 Harrar beans offer a bold and distinctive coffee experience.
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