Sewage Treatment Plant STP

Sewage Treatment Plant STP
محطة مُدمجة لمُعالَجة مياه الصرف الصحي - Kompaktkläranlage - Station de traitement des eaux usées - تصفیه خانه فاضلاب
Our SEWAGE_ENC/ENP package wastewater treatment plants are fully pre-assembled systems for the biological purification of domestic wastewater or wastewater of similar composition. The connection size and the technical equipment of the plants are adjusted to the specific needs of our customers by our engineering department.
SEWAGE_ENC/ENP biological treatment unit has a capacity equivalent to the population of 50 to 1.000.
The treatment stages in SBR unit is as follows;
Filling: After equalization of wastewater in equalization basin the waste water is fed to the package plant. During the filling is operated also blower
Aeration : water filling process is stopped when the water level reaches the top level of a package plant. The necessary oxygen for bacteria and microorganisms are supplied with the help of the air blower. Aeration process continues until a predetermined period of time.
Precipitation : After aeration is stopped blower and begins settling of sludge in water. During precipitation settles the sludge at bottom and water phase remain on upper.
Discharge: The clear water phase is transferred to the treated water basin by the help of transfer pump or is discharged to the receiving place.
The excess sludge is removed with sewage truck a few times in year. Excess sludge can be used as fertilizer.
Sequencing batch process require small footprint, less energy, very low maintenance and easy operation.
SEWAGE_ENC/ENP package treatment plant fulfill the required local wastewater regulations.

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