Job vacancy Route Sales Supervisor

Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall, Addis Ababa
  +251 11 667 3324, +251 92 491 0847

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Kerchanshe Trading Company
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Full Time
22 February, 2023
Job Title

Route Sales Supervisor

Job Location
Job Presentation


  • Diploma/ Degree in Marketing Management, Business Administration or Business Management from recognized College/ University


  •  Minimum of 6/ 4 years relevant experience in related business respectively
  • Having good interpersonal communication skills, capable of working in team and knowledge of the existing business environment


Back Ground of Compony

Kerchanshe Trading Company is looking for a Senior Accountant who is confident, dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking approach to their work. Therefore, we would like to invite qualified applicants as per the detailed job description stated in the following vacant position.

Major duties and responsibilities
  • Strive for the achievement of the company’s goals, objective and mission by showing entrepreneur  quality. Follow company’s sales policy and internal procedures, follow and control the daily activities of the sales team, shops and agents. Make regular market visit and make sure that the company’s product have proper market share and coverage.

Detail duties and responsibilities
  • Follow and guide the daily sales transaction of the company
  • Make sure that each sales transaction complies with the company’s sales policy.
  • Prepare monthly activity plan and act up on it when approved.
  • Follow up the sales team daily activity, distributes task to all sales team and measure their daily accomplishment.
  • Make regular market visit, asses the demand gap in the market, gather information about competitor’s product design, pricing and related marketing activities.
  • Follow up and execute customers advance payments and collectables.
  • Make sure that daily sale activities are backed with proper invoice and bank deposit slip.
  • Prepare weekly performance & activity report.
  • Prepare proper customer data base to identify companies customer base and market share.
  • Distribute price list and quota to the sales team and Control daily sales is done accordingly.
  • Make market visit to up-country shops and evaluate the company’s market share area coverage.
  • Follow sales man’s departure & arrival time.
  • Evaluate agent's performance based on their target.
  • Make proper preparation, documentation and offer support to the sales team to help the muse their time effectively &efficiently.
  • Use companies assets and equipment in responsible manner.
  • Other activities assigned by the Sales and Marketing Manager

Reports to: Sales &Marketing Manager
Department:  Sales &Marketing 
Qty  :3
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28 Feb, 2023

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