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28 January, 2023
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Request for Proposals - Consultancy Service to facilitate and process the section of Innov...

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Evaluation criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by the Selection Team. The following indicates a list of the significant criteria against which proposals will be assessed. This list is not exhaustive or 100% inclusive and is provided to enhance the applicants’ ability to respond with substance.

Applicants are required to submit the following information, conforming to the guidelines given in this section:

-        Understanding of the scope of work:

o   Proposal shall demonstrate a clear understanding of the project objective and deliverables as outlined in Section I.

-        Demonstrate a clear understanding of the technical requirements of this RFP:

o   Providing detailed technical documentation of the proposed strategy.

o   Evidence of experience delivering solutions using the proposed information technology platform.

-        The creative and methodological approaches required to implement each of the parts of the scope of work.

-        Comprehensiveness of work plan and reasonableness of proposed time frame:

o   Proposal shall include a feasible work plan to ensure successful completion of deliverables.

o   The work plan details how activities will be coordinated.

-        Detailed budget and cost-effectiveness of proposed approach:

o   Evidence of cost-effective approaches to undertaking the scope of work within the proposed budget.

o   Proposal shall identify possible challenges and include creative approaches to addressing them.

-        Management and personnel plan:

o   The team members working on this project shall have the relevant qualifications and overall experience required to successfully implement the project.

o   Roles and responsibilities of each team member shall be clearly defined. GAIN shall have one main contact person clearly identified in the proposal.

-        A duly completed offer of services.

GAIN reserves the right to contact the individuals and contractor(s) in order to verify the information provided as part of the Proposal.

Review process

The review process will involve a Review Panel with participants selected by GAIN.

Limitations with regard to third parties

GAIN does not represent, warrant, or act as agent for any third party as a result of this solicitation. This solicitation does not authorize any third party to bind or commit GAIN in any way without GAIN’s express written consent.


All communication regarding this solicitation shall be directed to appropriate parties at GAIN. Contacting third parties involved in the RFP, the review panel, or any other party may be considered a conflict of interest and could result in disqualification of the proposal.

Final acceptance

Award of a Proposal does not imply acceptance of its terms and conditions. GAIN reserves the right to negotiate on the final terms and conditions including the costs and the scope of work when negotiating the final contract to be agreed between GAIN and the applicant.

Validity period

The offer of services will remain valid for a period of 60 days after the Proposal closing date. In the event of award, the successful applicant will be expected to enter into a contract subject to GAIN’s terms and conditions.

Intellectual property

Subject to the terms of the contract to be concluded between GAIN and the applicant, the ownership of the intellectual property related to the scope of work of the contract, including technical information, know-how, processes, copyrights, models, drawings, source code and specifications developed by the applicant in performance of the contract shall vest entirely with GAIN.

Scope of change

Once the contract is signed, no increase in the liability of GAIN or in the fees to be paid by GAIN for the services resulting from any change, modification or interpretation of the documents will be authorised or paid to the applicant unless such change, modification or interpretation has received the express prior written approval of GAIN.


The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) was launched at the UN in 2002 to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition. GAIN is a global, Swiss based foundation that mobilizes public-private partnerships and provides financial and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition.  GAIN’s purpose is to advance nutrition outcomes by improving the consumption of nutritious and safe food for all people, especially those most vulnerable to malnutrition. GAIN aims to improve the consumption of safe and nutritious foods for—at a minimum—1 billion people over the next five years and target major improvements to food systems, resulting in more diverse and healthier diets for vulnerable people in countries where it works.

We build alliances between governments, local and global businesses, and civil society to deliver sustainable improvements at scale. We are part of a global network of partners working together to create sustainable solutions to malnutrition. Through alliances, we provide technical, financial and policy support to key participants in the food system. We use specific learning, evidence of impact, and results of projects and programmes to shape and influence the actions of others.

GAIN in consortium with CARE has launched a new project called CASCADE (CAtalyzing Strengthened policy aCtion for heAlthy Diets and resiliencE). The program has as its main objectives to increase access to and consumption of healthy diets among household members in Ethiopia and increase resilience to price and climate-related shocks and stresses of households’ members in Ethiopia. The program focuses specifically on women of reproductive age and children. Within the consortium, GAIN carries out activities focussed on improved policy implementation, supporting private service providers, multi-stakeholder collaboration and knowledge and learning.  

Thus, GAIN for the CASCADE project, seek to recruit a consultancy firm to develop innovation grant award provision modalities for private sectors that contribute to the implementation of nutrition policy and provision of nutrition services either established or supported by the government and engaged explicitly in processing and promoting of nutritious food for women of reproductive age, girls and boys of the project intervention areas of South Gondar Zone.

Purpose and objective of the work

The purpose of the desired work is to design and develop a viable nutritious food innovation award grant provision selection modality to private sectors legally recognized by the government which are innovative that will fit in to implanting the food and nutrition strategy in terms of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of individual farmers, vegetable gardening, poultry rearing, wash services (related to hygiene) and climate smart practices producers, processors, promotors, and service providers to improve the nutrition status of households especially women and children.

Accordingly, the specific objectives of the assignment are to: -

·       Map private sectors players and Youth, women, and farmers cooperatives that produce farm inputs, seeds, eggs, grains, and others within the identified range of policy priorities where government has mandated a policy and contracted a private service provider to facilitate or support aspects of nutrition services and promoting of nutritious food so as to make available, accessible, and affordable to target beneficiaries with the context of a public service in the intervention areas.

·       Set feasible selection criteria for identifying private sectors and cooperatives eligible to innovation grant award

·       Invite private sector enterprises to present proposal with actionable innovative idea eligible for competition

·       Shortlist and select finalists that fulfil private sector criteria that could present better innovative approach to ensure availability, accessibility, and affordability of nutritious diet.

·       Develop and follow-up strategies for innovation grant award to ensure affordable and accessible nutritious food to target beneficiaries

·       Provide possible recommendation to improve the linkage between the awarded private sectors and the target beneficiaries to sustainably offer accessible and affordable products and services that promote healthy diets and resilience to shocks and stresses

·       Prepare colourful award event in the presence of government sectors, CBOs, SBN, NGO partners, local and national media

Scope of the work

The consultant is expected to set a viable criterion for identifying potential private sectors which are strengthening the nutritious foods chain through supporting policy implementation, support the community towards resilience for climate and climate shocks that employs new ideas of innovations, systems, and technologies to offer accessible and affordable nutritious food and services to project target beneficiaries found in the South Gondar intervention woredas (Libo kemkem, Ebinat, Lay Gaynt, and Tach Gaynt weredas). The private enterprises identified to GAIN are those enterprises either established by government or get financial and/or technical support from government and engaged in production, processing, supplying, and promoting of nutritious food to target project beneficiaries. The services of the private sector must benefit targeted population of the project.

Definitions of Private sector players in the project target area will have two groups:

Group 1: Cooperatives

·       Youth, women, and farmers cooperatives that produce farm inputs, seeds, eggs, grains, and others where government has mandated a policy and contracted a private service provider to deliver it

·       Rural Village lending and saving associations that are organized to support women livelihoods.

·       Public-private micro finance institutions that are established to lend rural households for consumer goods, fertilizers and other foods including edible oil, in line with policy

Group 2: SBN (potential members)

·       Businesses which provide daily meals to refugees or other people in need on government/public budget, including management and distribution of the provision

·       Private health organizations (e.g. marketing/communication organizations) contracted by government to provide nutrition messaging

Please note that: The private sector actor must either produce, supply, or promote healthier nutrition.

Deliverables and timeline



·       Inception report with data collection and analysis methodology, selection criteria, questionnaires, checklists, work plan

February 6, 2023

·       Get approval from GAIN Team

February 10, 2023

·       Draft report with innovation grant award strategies, follow up mechanisms as well as shortlisted and selected finalist private enterprises present better innovative approach that ensure availability, accessibility and affordability of nutritious diet

February 24, 2023

·       Final report after comment by GAIN (CASCADE team)

February 30, 2023

·       Conducting colourful award event with media, government partners, NGO partners, selected private sectors and others pertinent stakeholders to the workshop

March 14, 2023

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10 Feb, 2023

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