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20 January, 2023
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Manager, Supplies & Logistics

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Education:  MA in Business Management, Accounting, Finance; Supply Management

Work Experience: 6/8 yrs relevance Experience in similar or related position in an NGO or internationally funded project


  • Strategic thinking, leadership, organizing and critical skills
  • Strong analytical skill with qualitative aptitude and quantitative aptitude, excellent numbering and statistical skills, cost-consciousness and strong problem-solving and auditing skills,
  • Team building, playing and management skills;
  • Interest and demonstrate potential strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, with proven ability to work with financial software packages, such as Sun System, Logistics Management Information system(LMIS);
  • Excellent communication (spoken and writing) skills
  • Computer Proficiency in MS word, EXCEL, MS-Access & SQL etc;








Under the Executive Director of FGAE, the Manager - Supplies & Logistics Management is responsible and accountable for the overall success of FGAE Supplies and Logistics Management System as specified in the approved Supply Chain Management Manual and the APB in more efficient and effective way. He/she manages and coordinates the procurement of goods and services in accordance with set guidelines, ensuring quality and value for money.


 1. Provide leadership in planning, organizing and coordinating all the activities of the Supplies and Logistics management Unit ensuring that operations comply with approved framework and guidelines;

2. Establishing and implementing effective systems and monitoring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods including drugs and commodities and other supplies.

3. Coordinating and controlling the order cycle and associated information system relating to supplies and logistics management;

4. Undertake an analysis of data to monitor performance of the system, plan and implement actions for improvement;

5. Establish and ensures compliance with international and national guidelines for procurement ensuring quality and value for money;

6. Establish a functional computerized system for FGAE supplies and logistics management system to improve tracking and reporting of materials or product distribution, storage and inventory;

7. Organizes the storage and distribution of goods especially commodities, equipment, consumables etc  to Area Offices and various FGAE clinics;

8. Perform oversight responsibilities on the management of FGAE Ware House and stock management system, ensuring compliance with government policies and legislation at national and regional levels;

9. Establish action plans and clear individual role responsibilities for staff member involved in inventory or warehouse/logistics management including expectations and deadlines and include objective systems to measure performance and to ensure overall unit objectives are met.

10. Design and manage the implementation of supply chain system that support FGAE business operations, adapting to new practices and technology;

11. Responsible for the management of FGAE immovable and movable properly and serve as a source of information for management decision by establishing effective records system for inventories and properties and accurate and timely report provision;

12. Coordinate the effective distribution of required commodities, drugs, equipment, materials and other supplies are distributed to Area Offices, FGAE clinics, Youth Centers and other work units in the right quantity and quality according to established standards;

13. Establish and ensure compliance with guidelines for required safety stock , reorder level and initiate purchase in a timely manner in line with the Association policy and operational procedure; Makes FGAE’s Supplies reporting method more conventional, timely, accurate, complete and transparent;

14. Contribute to project design and proposal development especially those sections relating to supplies and logistics management;

15. Ensures that supplies requisition for IPPF and other donors are based on approved standards;

16. Responsible for the maintenance of complete inventory of fixed and consumable assets, follow up and undertake inventory taking in a timely manner;

17. Responsible for the disposal of Fixed Assets are made in accordance with guidelines and CSA directives and  implement fixed asset management policy and procedure in the Association;

18. Produce work plans, budget and progress report in line with established guidelines;

19. Drive the execution and completion of all supply chain deliverables for FGAE operations including detailed cost, inventory and risk analysis to support corporate reporting and management decisions;

20. Develop and manage routine and strategic relationship with suppliers and contractors;

21. Organize and conduct orientation and update for relevant staff in supplies and logistics management system;

22. Create, structure and implement organization-wide supply chain management initiatives with cross functional teams and suppliers;

23. Participate in the development of APB and new proposals to funders focusing on sections on supplies and logistics management.

24. Performs such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by immediate Supervisor.


  • Advice on appropriate area of improvement, ability to design new way of doing business in order to ensure adherence to standard requirements; ability to make logical and timely decisions ;
  • Good team player and willingness to work extra hours;
  • Energetic and enthusiastic approach to work and willingness for frequent travel to field offices and project locations


1. Functional and state of the Art Supplies and Logistics Management System

2. Timely supply of drugs, commodities and consumables to Area Offices and ultimately clinics;

3. Drugs, commodities and consumables procured/supplied are judged to be of good quality;

4. Decisions taken judged to be useful and yielding required results/outcome;

5. Updated and comprehensive guidelines with high compliance rate by all users

6. Unit reports, work plans and annual budget in accordance with approved guidelines are produced and available in a timely manner;

7. Computerized operations relating to supplies and logistics management;

8. Procurements and supplies in FGAE are cost effective;

9. Updated data base of suppliers

10. Procurement and supplies in FGAE comply with national guidelines/standards;

11. Timely documentation and record keeping and available for management decision making

12. Area Offices and clinics reporting adequacy of stock level and cases of stock out eliminated or reduced significantly;

13. Monitoring and tracking system exist and functional

14. Linkages, communication and feedback between Head Office and the Area office and clinics on issues relating to effective supplies and logistics system  are adjudged effective

15. Quality assurance and improvement exist and compliance is high;

16. Input into FGAE drug revolving system/scheme are adjudged useful and helpful;

17. Timely inventory and report available for decision making

18. Input into APB development and other proposals adjudged useful

19. Package of training curricular;

20. Risk management mechanism exist to respond to perceived or actual risks;

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29 Jan, 2023

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