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Heal Africa Health City S.C
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Full Time
02 December, 2022
Job Title

Research and publication officer

Job Location
Job Presentation
o   MSc degree and above in General public health, Epidemiology and Biostatics, andother health related field (pharmacy, Anesthesia, medical lab, nursing, etc)

o   Teaching experience required

o   Evidence of courses or training in Scientific writing, statistical data analysis, manuscript writing, systematic review writing, and different software package;

o   Experience in higher education as research coordinator, director, or any office holder, and Related working experience in research of more than two year

o   Publication in reputable scientific journal

LOCATION:  Kenteri-  Bethel Medical College


Heal Africa Health City S.C an emerging conglomerate business firm established by highly honored professionals from various fields, mainly medical and health specialists and sub-specialists who have excessive experience in the field of medical services.  Heal Africa Health City is looking for a dedicated bunch of expert to ensure the efficient transition of our newly acquired healthcare facility.


Job brief

Researchers are responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing opinions and data to solve problems, explore issues, and predict trends. The Publications Officer plans, implements, and coordinates effective writing services to support the content, design, publishing and distribution of publications. As the successful applicant you will provide high-level editing expertise and advice to staff to ensure best practice in the development of research materials. The research and publication officer holder is responsible for supporting the realization of the College’s academic vision through the development, operation and review of the College’s research and enhancement processes.


Duties and responsibilities

 ·       Report research service activities to the respective body of the college

·       Participates in the college management team as deemed appropriate.

·       Lead the research activities of the college. 

·       Propose strategic plans for the development of college towards excellence in research, technology transfer and get approved by college academic commission

·       Suggests to AC feasible options, including incentive mechanisms, of encouraging academic staff members to undertake research, publication and teaching material preparation activities.

·       Coordinate and guide research activities within the faculties;

·       Develop a scheme to promote research publications in local and international peer reviewed Journals and Conference Proceedings;

·       Solicit for funding different governmental and non-governmental local and international organizations for research projects

·       Coordinates and endorses research proposals for approval and funding


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Valid Till
10 Dec, 2022

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