Job vacancy HR and Facility Management Department Manager

Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall, Addis Ababa
  +251 11 667 3324, +251 92 491 0847

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Global Insurance Company S.C
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Full Time
27 September, 2022
Job Title

HR and Facility Management Department Manager

Job Location
Job Presentation

MA/BA in Management, HR Management or related fields 

8/10 years out of which 6 years in Senior HR Manager position 

Computer skill:-         Mandatory

Salary & benefit:-      According to Company scale & benefit package

 Financial Institution Experience is advantageous

  •  Plans, organizes, administers, supervises and directs the Human Resource Development and the Facility Management activities of the company;
  •   Establishes and maintains policies and procedures of recruitment, transfer, promotion, succession planning and other personnel matters, regularly review and propose amendments or develop new working procedures, where and when necessary, relating to the effective deployment and development of human resources of the company;
  •  Periodically review Company’s organizational structure, staffing plan, job grades, job descriptions, salary scale and benefits; and submit the proposals of appropriate strategies in order to attract the right type of employees;
  •  Ensures conformance with the provisions of the proclamation and manuals of the company in the administration of both permanent and temporary employees. Ensure that the rights and obligations of both the employee and the Company are properly adhered;
  •   Develops and applies a comprehensive performance rating system of  all employees of the company;
  •   Designs human resource development programs with a view of building competitive leverages, oversees the capacity building efforts that increases efficiency and productivity of employees; and implement training programs for all the staff of the company in consultation with the appropriate work units;
  • Oversees that approved staff benefits duly provided on time, and ensure that staff welfare services and retirement is done in line with pertinent proclamation;
  •  Establish and maintain effective disciplinary and grievance procedures for timely settlement of disputes;
  •   Manages the procurement of goods, services and works required for the proper functioning of the Company units in line with the procurement manual;
  •  Coordinates the functions of leasing commercial buildings; ensure that all lessees pay their bills on time;
  •    Coordinates and monitors the activities of Vehicle Inspection Centers;
  • Coordinates and expedite issues related to land management, title deeds, construction permits and utilization of new commercial buildings, recovery yards,
  • Supervises the proper utilization of physical resources; ensures all properties of the Company have insurance coverage, manages timely maintenance of all fixed assets; and proposes the disposal of used items;
  •  Ensure the availability of sufficient facilities and general services for all work units;
  •  Pass timely decisions on issues of human resource and property administration as per delegated authority;
  •  Prepares annual work programs and budget of the department and implements the same upon  approval;
  •  Evaluates the performance of managers & employees under his supervision;
  •   Prepares periodical and performance report of the Department;
  •   Advise the Executive Management Members and other Managers on issues of Human Resource Development and Property Administration;
  •   Cooperate with all other units in fulfilling Company objectives;
  •  Performs other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor
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7 Oct, 2022

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