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Plan International Ethiopia
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12 August, 2022
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WASH Officer

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Educational Qualification and Experience


·       At least Bachelor’s Degree in Hydraulic Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Water Supply, and Environmental Engineering, and related disciplines

·       Minimum 4 years of total experience of which experience in the WASH sector and experience in emergency WASH is advantageous.

·       Experience in WASH facilities construction in a complex and demanding workload.

·       Substantial experience in coordinating, mobilizing community, planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring, and reporting.

·       Demonstrated work experience in designing, supervising, and implementing water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructural programs in the community, school, and health centers.

·       Ability and willingness to travel and work in rural areas where the project is implemented, within approved security frameworks.

·       Strong interpersonal skills, communication, presentation, and facilitation skills, and an ability to train and mentor staff.

·       Desired spoken and written English.

·       Good computer skills (particularly Excel, Word and databases).


Desirable Knowledge

·       Knowledge of the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector.

·       Knowledge and experience in supervising infrastructures.

·       In-depth knowledge of project cycle management and child-centred community development programming.

·       Knowledge of development issues, trends, challenges and opportunities, and implications to community development.

·       Knowledge of effective participatory Monitoring, Evaluation, and lesson learning systems and the process of project cycle management.

·       Experience in implementation of integrated WASH, Health and Nutrition projects.



Skills Specific to the Post and Competencies


·       Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to build relationships with colleagues.

·       Excellent written and oral communication skills, including presentation.

·       Strong negotiation, influencing, and problem-solving skills.

·       Numeracy and the ability to interpret financial data, to understand budgetary processes including planning, monitoring, and reporting.

·       Ability to analyze information and evaluate options including planning skills.

·       Proficient in computer skills and use of relevant software and other applications.

·       Ability to interpret financial data, to provide management support to budgetary processes including planning, monitoring, and reporting.

·       Resilience, adaptability, and flexibility: the ability to operate effectively under a stressful and working environment, often under tight timelines and high donor expectations

·       Child centre development and Gender are aware.

·       Fluency in English and Amharic languages Knowledge and skill of local languages is a plus.

·       High levels of attention to detail and quality

 Skills Specific to the Post

·       Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to build relationships with colleagues.

·       Excellent written and oral communication skills, including presentation.

·       Strong negotiation, influencing, and problem-solving skills.

 ·       Numeracy and the ability to interpret financial data, to understand budgetary processes including planning, monitoring, and reporting

 ·       Ability to analyze information and evaluate options including planning skills.

 ·       Proficient in computer skills and use of relevant software and other application


Good knowledge of the area and local custom

Basic computer skills (desirable and advantageous)

Languages required:

Good knowledge of the local language, Amharic, and English languages;

Project design, implementation, and reporting

·       Responsible for the quality standard of all construction/rehabilitation works

·       Monitor construction/rehabilitation quality in line with the standard

·       Responsible for hygiene and sanitation promotion works

·       Coach project and government staff how to undertake ongoing technical support

·       Conduct field feasibility study to new project sites

·       Follow up proper management of construction sites and take a measurement, quality control, give instruction with the consultation of the WASH coordinator and other hierarchies 

·       Establish and facilitate training to the beneficiary at community, Education, and health facilities/ institutions.

·       Ensure the technical soundness, appropriateness, and general quality in water supply and sanitation and Infrastructure project design, planning, implementation of projects, and Construction Supervision and Contract Administration.

·       Work for effective and efficient thematic area coordination in consultation with the project Health and Nutrition officer and Coordinator and other project staff.

·       Close monitoring and follow-up for smooth and on-time project implementation.

·       Participate in Preparing and developing in consultation with appropriate stakeholders’ annual and multi-year project plan.

·       Record and share good practices and case stories achievements of the project

·       Participate and contribute to the quality and timely reporting and documenting of project activities including preparation of quarterly/yearly project progress reports.

·       Manage and organize training, workshops, and meetings that concern the project at all district levels.

·       Field supervision and quality control of the construction of borehole, Rural, and Urban piped water supply project, rehabilitation, and expansion of civil works, construction of VIP Latrine.

·       The post holder is expected to develop a standard design for all infrastructure supported by the Plan based on the humanitarian and government standard.

·       Participate in the bid process, Prepares Bid documents, and construction agreements, and coordinate contract awards.

·       Prepare take off sheet, cost, and material estimation for payment and planning


Policy engagement and networking

·       In addition to the WASH coordinator, he/she can be Serve as a principal representative to WASH thematic networks and clusters in the project areas that have relevance to the project implementation, to create collaborative and positive partnerships and alliances, and to influence policy that maximizes the impact of the project.

·       Establish links and good relationships with relevant district government authorities, UN organizations, NGOs, academic and research institutions, and the media, in water, sanitation, and hygiene to draw information and knowledge for project efficiency and effectiveness.

·       Makes follow-up and proper documentation and share of district government information, strategies with respect to water sanitation and hygiene.

Partnership development and strengthening

·       Periodically collect project-related and relevant information about other organizations working within the target districts to gain institutional knowledge of the environment.

·       Seeks opportunities for different kinds of partnership for enhanced quality project implementation.

·       Provide technical assistance and build the capacities of WASHCOs, clubs and local partners in project management.

·       for smooth project implementation of the project Facilitates communication and interaction between partners/collaborators

Relationship Management / Communications

·       Reports to: Program Coordinator

·       Key relationships

·       Internally: The job holder has a close working relationship internally with the following departments and/or functions:

·       Field teams (all officers); PA team and CO staffs

·       Externally: The job holder has a close working relationship externally with the following departments and/or functions:

·       Program beneficiaries, local government sector offices, particularly zonal and woreda Agricultural Office, Zonal and woreda water development offices and. NGOs operating in PA. 

Child Protection and Gender Equality Responsibilities

·       Demonstrate commitment to Plan’s child protection policy through implementing the policy in its entirety, and report any actual or potential risk situations following the reporting procedures, being aware of abuse and risks to children, being vigilant, becoming familiar with the Child Protection Policy.

·       Raise children’s rights/protection awareness and important of gender equality and respect to diversity within Plan and amongst partners and community members.

·       Child protection and gender equality policies are understood by the staff and partners.

·       Ensure equal participation and benefit of boys and girls and children with disabilities in all phases of project implementation.

·       Ensure enough budget and resources are allocated for gender equality activity in their respective area annual plans and project activities.

·       Support partners in understanding plans’ gender equality strategy and program criteria and capacity building activities on gender as part of the regular work at field level.

·       Ensure the representation of Plan Ethiopia in their respective project from gender equality perspectives.

·       Plan Ethiopia has put in place a CP policy that all of its staff must adhere to and sign.


·       Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Child Protection (CPP) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI) are fully embedded in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy including relevant Implementation Standards and Guidelines as applicable to their area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring staff and associates are aware of and understand their responsibilities under these policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), their relevance to their area of work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.

Donor Reporting

·       Prepare and provide all the necessary technical and information inputs prepare quarterly, mid-term and yearly reports and end of project report deliverables, as per standard templates and direction provided, including all narrative and financial content and associated annexes.

·       Prepare and submit monthly narrative reports, including updates on project progress and outstanding issues to the line manager and communication department as necessary.

·       Identify and communicate any issues related to project delay to the line manager, other concerned bodies and include relevant mitigation/contingency plans.

·       Assist and ensure that results of any internal Plan-led or external donor-led audits are addressed.

·       Provide technical support for government partners and program unit staff on effective M and E applications. 

·       Identify, document, and disseminate best practices, success stories, and stories of changes from within and outside the Plan to staff and other development partners.

·       Ensure project learning and achievements are documented and disseminated widely.

·       Ensure all project documentation is filed and organized for accountability purposes.

Dealing with Problems:

·       The post holder will coordinate field-based staff in collaboration with any other department to ensure the highest level of program quality and overall impact. This will encompass strengthening accountability, planning, management, adherence to policies and procedures, and promoting culture for delivery of results.

·       The position involves a high degree of complexity in resolving a wide range of challenges that typically occur in project management. The post holder will demonstrate the ability to solve problems, think strategically while implementing projects, introduce innovations as needed to meet the demands of a dynamic operating environment while ensuring Plan systems and policies are adhered to.

·       Understands organizational strategies and contributes to its fulfilment by supporting his/her team to play their roles and implement programs in accordance with organizational values, goals, and requirements. 

·       Working at the community and district level to give support to partners and sector staffs influences PA colleagues to adhere to required implementation standards in an integrated manner to support the sustainability and effectiveness of the PlE programs. 

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19 Aug, 2022

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