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Company owners listed on Ethiopia YP frequently share positive feedback about the site's effectiveness in driving traffic and increasing sales.
Good opportunity
it is a nice platform any one looking for the services. so that the benefits helps a lot for registered company .
It is great service. Thank you!
We really appreciate that you provide a forum for business and potential clients to meet. Besides, the fact that you send information about visits to our website helps a lot. Many thanks and Happy Ethiopian New Year!!
I really liked your directory and all. It's very easy to register and be found.
I am benefited a lot using your service. It is possible to see the statistics of my account. Within short time I got in hundreds visitor of my business. It is a great opportunity for me. What you offer me makes available everywhere.
Good job!
Hi EthYP team, Thank you for the platform. Keep it up! Happy New Year!
Dear Sir/Madam, This is an excellent website which help our office to be connected and posted to the business world communities. Keep it up! With kind regards,
We are grateful to join, advertise and share experiences with EthYP
Wow, it is really an excellent site.
I find YP very easy to use and informative. We did not pay any money but we get exact statistics on our website views. I wish I could pay and increase the service I am getting from you including our websites optimization for search engines.
Thanks a lot; I appreciate your effort. for the time being I have no comment. Kind Abebe Ejigu General Manager
The site features are good and it is easy to interact with them in YP.I added my company website here and my company page is visible in search now.It is really a good business directory.Its a user friendly directory.
we registered with EthYP , and has got the website very helpful , we are hopeful this site helps us in getting more traffic & inquiry of service from us/Witness Ethiopia Tours. Thank you