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School of tomorrow is a school way past it's heyday, Even though the school boasts of national exam scores, these scores have been going down over the past few years. School of tomorrow students and parents find that it is so caught up in it's previous educational system and it's glory that it refuses to walk with the times and accept critiques of students and parents. A line from an sot official that perfectly captures their attitude is " Leave, there is a line of students waiting to replace you". For some it may be akin to choosing between two evils since the quality of education in Addis has been decreasing all through Addis, but for parents and students who would like to have more in the high school experience and become well rounded I wouldn't recommend it.
Perhaps this was written by a student, and perhaps there could be some truth to it. But it seems a step in the right direction if the new spirit of untamed students in Addis is getting checked in this school leading to, a 'you can leave if you want' attitude. The attitude is so much required in a serious educational institution and is achieved through hard work and discipline, something that is very foreign to the students in Addis. A school that can go against the general "let me please the students so they don't leave" philosophy that is running in most of the private schools today, because they want money from kids of rich parents, and those kids want 24 hour fun in the classroom; is a school that is worth being called a school.

It is therefore imperative that the writer here be quite objective in his critique.