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Pharmacies in Ethiopia are an integral part of the healthcare system, providing a wide range of services to the public. The pharmacies provide medications, medical supplies, and health advice to patients. They are also responsible for the safe storage, distribution, and dispensing of medicines. Pharmacies in Ethiopia are generally located in urban areas, with a few in rural areas. Pharmacists are highly trained professionals, subject to rigorous certification, who are responsible for the accuracy and safety of the medications they dispense. They are also responsible for providing patients with advice on the proper use of medications and on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Additionally, they can provide health screenings and vaccinations, as well as perform minor medical procedures. In order to ensure safe and responsible medication use, pharmacies in Ethiopia must comply with all relevant laws and regulations. To ensure quality, they must adhere to strict standards of practice, maintain accurate records, and be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. In summary, pharmacies in Ethiopia are an essential part of the healthcare system, providing essential services such as supplying medications, providing health advice, and performing minor medical procedures.