Full Day Eco & Community Based Tourism In Lalibela

Access Ethiopia Eco Tours is a Trekking and Travel company located in lalibela, Ethiopia aiming to create the best Trekking experience for travelers with its full day tour.

This trip offers a unique combination of spectacular scenery, culture and history. You will pass through the Afroalpine forest, remote villages and farmland.

Then after 2.30h walk, you will arrive to a small village located at 3,300m above see level. The scenery is wonderful here, allowing the perfect opportunity to take a break, drinking in the scenery and a much needed snack of fresh fruit to get some energy.

Once we start walking again, after 15 minutes, we will be in the middle of the small village. If you wish we offer you a short time of visit the village and if you are interested, you will be invited to see the inside part of a farmer's house with an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. There is something authentic and natural about participating in a coffee ceremony in a mountain village, one opportunity not to be missed by first time visitors.

The Farm house visit and coffee ceremony is a very interesting experience that we advice our guests to do, because it is a great opportunity to see how the Ethiopian houses looks like from inside, the tools we use, and how the animals and people live together in this small house!

After passing through the mountain village, following the steep road which looks like a twisted rope that hugs around the mountain, will take about 4 hour on foot. The end will be a sweet rewarding experience as you will arrive to Asheten Maryam monastery church. Built on a ridge at 3,500 m altitude, 10 km from Lalibela, lays this 13th century monastery, offering excellent views of the surrounding countryside.

On the top, you will have your lunch and we will keep hiking to the next mountain Merebarbu which is 4km further, standing parallel to mount Asheten Maryam, Here we will be able to spot the group of Gelada Baboon and the biggest bird Lamargair.

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